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Who bet the most money on mayweather fight how to win on betting sports

Wednesday 13st, August 10:39:49 Am
Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao - Highlights - Best Moments


People who bet on Mayweather, and want to make a profit, have to prepare for a hefty investment. Which comes from a strong belief that he definitely won’t lose the fight. But, what if he suffers a knockout?

You’re risking losing thousands and your money is gone. On the other hand, if you bet 1 on Conor, you can get 6 in return. Yes, he’s not a professional boxer.

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You have more chances of winning and pocketing money if you place bets on lesser-known odds, such as particular rounds or a method of winning.

Some of the odds for the fight are outrageous, but so is the fight itself. Read our analysis of the upcoming fight, and it will hopefully help you decide how and where to place a bet on the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. I dont bet I spent my money on things I need!

hauntedreport.com all filmed edited and paid for by Kinfolkz Mentoring Program. No one talks money more than Floyd Mayweather. He's the figurehead of "The Money Team." So as the talk ramps up to fix the fight that would match up the two biggest money lovers, the question remains Will it be the most valuable money fight of all time? Mayweather's May bout against Manny Pacquiao holds the record, with a total take of million.

Celebrities, who have had virtually no UFC fights to be seen at this entire year, might pay the big bucks, but "spectacles don't draw as well as a real meaningful event," said Patrick Ryan of Eventellect, a ticket management firm. Estimated Nevada betting on Mayweather-Pacquiao 70 million Projected Nevada betting on Mayweather-McGregor 30 million. The Money Fight between UFC champion Connor McGregor and undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is just hours away.

According to Nevada bookies, more money will be bet on the fight than on any boxing match in history, and though Mayweather remains a favorite, odds were getting closer as late as this morning as last-minute bets for McGregor rolled in. Times, Westgate Superbook director Jay Kornegay said that he and other bookmakers believed total Nevada betting on the fight could reach 70 million.

That could be a huge bump from the previous record, set in when th. Mayweather out of retirement to fight 'little punk'. Floyd Mayweather has not fought since beating Andre Berto on points in September Why is it happening? Quite simply money, with both fighters expected to earn up to m m.

After Mayweather gained a convincing points win over Andre Berto in September, the American, who has won world titles at five weights, said "My career is over, that's official. "You've got to know when to hang them up. There's nothing left to prove in the sport of boxing, I just want to spend time with my family.qu. The most absurd and over-hyped match in sporting history is tomorrow night. Here's who we think is going to win. As the game wears on, Mayweather keeps managing to avoid all of his rival's properties.

In response, McGregor has turned to desperately hoping Mayweather gets sent to jail. As Mayweather reaches over to pick up his first chance card of the match, McGregor can barely contain himself, shaking with anticipation, the sweet, sweet nectar of prime shit housing only moments away.

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Conor McGregor really is "the money fight." Both fighters have made it clear they agreed to Saturday's bout for one reason the purse. A huge number of people are expected to tune in to watch, many for the sheer spectacle of seeing an MMA fighter go up against a boxer.

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Industry experts have speculated that the fight could surpass million, which was a record set by the Mayweather vs.

Pacquiao fight in But the biggest moneymaker is pay-per-view sales. Watching the fight on pay-per-view will cost at least for standard definition. High definition runs about 10 more. These prices are the same as they were for Mayweather-Pacquiao but more people are expected to tune in. As Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor prepare to meet in their boxing megabout in Las Vegas on Saturday, RT Sport looks at some of the best quotes from the careers of two renowned trash-talkers.

Decide who you think said what. 1 There’s two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good. I’m doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I’m doing the other. 2 "He looks good for a seven-figure fighter.

He looks good for an eight-figure fighter. But I'm a nine-figure fighter." Mayweather. The fight that no one wants to pay for but everyone kind of wants to see, if only to laugh as Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beats the stuffing out of Conor McGregor, is Saturday. We all know that this is going to be a shit show of epic proportions.

It most likely won’t even be remotely entertaining. If you want to see who takes home the money belt, then you probably believe that White Mayweather has a shot and voted for Donald Trump. Yeah, good luck with all that.

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Former five-weight world champion Floyd Mayweather stopped the Irish UFC fighter, who was making his boxing debut, in the round after one of the most hyped fights of all time. Beforehand, the media pored over every word - racist, homophobic or otherwise. Boxing purists despaired, while the MMA community dreamed their relatively young sport would topple the more established form of combat.

Frightening money, hollow finish.

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The figures will be staggering. An hour after picking apart a tiring McGregor, Mayweather said the bout had surpassed the m m earned at the gate when he overcame Manny Pacquiao in Pay-per-view figures will be firmed up next week but bank on the total exceeding m m, roughly what Mayweather-Pacquiao delivered. Floyd Mayweather came from poverty in Michigan to be named the highest-paid athlete in the world.

He poured blood, sweat and tears into his career as a professional boxer, working relentlessly to climb to the top. It would seem that Mayweather has more money than he would know what to do with, but he has certainly put that idea to the test in the past. Notorious for his exorbitant spending sprees and reckless financial behavior, Mayweather reportedly spends up to 75 million a year.

Luckily, Mayweather has found new ways to make money after his professional fighting career came to a close. Since retiring, he’s appeared on Wrestlemania and Dancing with the Stars, recorded a rap song and purchased a boxing gym.

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Many expect Conor McGregor's first boxing fight to be against Floyd Mayweather - but he might need to"test the waters" firstCredit Getty Images. Where would a McGregor v Mayweather fight take place? Facing Mayweather in the boxing is a big ask for any boxer, let alone someone who has only just got a licenceCredit Getty Images. Who would win and what are the odds? No odds are available on this bout as the match up has not yet been agreed. What could stop Mayweather fighting Mcgregor? The sheer magnitude of having two of the world's biggest sportstars going into battle means money isn't likely to be an issue - even million each.

That's because not only would the fight sell out, but it would be snapped up by millions worldwide. Floyd Mayweather’s fight purse. Ed Skrein drops out of Hellboy reboot What is whitewashing in film?

Mayweather’s victory over McGregor placed him a and solidified his reputation as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

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He gave himself the moniker Floyd Money’ Mayweather a while ago due to the massive payouts he was receiving, but even by his standards he took home a lot during the fight last weekend. Floyd’s payout was million million after the fight. Would you take this punishment to become stupidly wealthy?. Floyd Mayweather left will be fighting Manny Pacquiao in a mouthwatering unification welterweight bout at the MGM Grand on Saturday.

Mayweather pictured in September, last year will be hoping to maintain his undefeated professional record on Saturday. The bodyguard of Mayweather who travels with him usually wherever the Money Man decides. Nate Jones - Age A former American Olympic and professional boxer who is now Mayweather's assistant trainer.

During his time as a fighter, he won the fabled Golden Gloves tournament in and as well as the heavyweight bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics a year later.

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Undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr will fight mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor on 26 August.

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Both fighters are expected to earn upwards. Manny Pacquiao, billed as the Fight of the Century or the Battle for Greatness, was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

And eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. It took place on May 2, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Won the contest by unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it and the other Although the fight was considered to be one of the most. There aren’t too many boxers out there who ever rivaled Mayweather’s hand speed, but Judah was one of them. The New York native launched an early assault on Money, finding moderate success, but ultimately fell in 12 rounds.

Genaro Hernandez, October Money was three years into his Lineal and Super Featherweight title reigns when he fought the highly aggressive and undefeated Mexican. Mayweather worked his magic by pulling out a gutsy performance, after being battered against the ropes, to force a ninth-round stoppage by Chavez’ corner. Marcos Maidana, May Perhaps he underestimated the Argentinian and thought that he wasn’t even in his league. The deciding factor in mayweather pacquiao would be who has the most mental toughness.

If they both had equal, then mayweather would win for sure. I have to admit, that I doubted mayweather's mental toughness in the moments before the mosley fight during the telecast. I thought that mosley would have more mental toughness and that it was possible that mayweather could crumble during the fight and become lost and would be defeated as a result. So I would put my money on Mayweather. He's a much greater boxer and just completely controls his fights no matter who it is.

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Mayweather won the fight according to the ring judges. A significant number of the fans agreed with Pacquiao, who thought he won the fight. Pacquiao’s claim to victory would rest on pressing the action and landing the hardest punches before the end of the fourth round, when his chronically injured supraspinatus became an acute injury requiring surgery. A greater indication of a Pacquiao victory would be a slow motion review of the fight.

It shows that many more of Pacquiao’s blows landed than the people tallying the punch count recorded. This is because the human eye does not follow fast actio. Betting lines for the fight have been out for months even when the fight seemed more like fantasy matchmaking than actually possible. However, the current odds consensus favors Mayweather over underdog McGregor +.

The means a bettor would need to wager on Mayweather to net in profit from a winning bet. Meanwhile, a bet on McGregor would come with a payoff. So A winning bet on Mayweather would result in a profit of A winning bet on McGregor + would result in a profit of As lopsided as the odds are now and they may vary from sport. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has always been about the money. The two fighters, who made history on Saturday night in Las Vegas, seemingly took this match to rake in one of the biggest financial gains from a sporting event ever.

Now, we have a rough idea of just how much money the fighters will be making. According to contract details from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Mayweather earned a disclosed purse of million while McGregor brought home 30 million, according to ESPN. It is the same disclosed purse Mayweather received for his fight against Manny Pacquiao in Mean. He's the one who invented the Money May persona that got people to buy his fights just in hopes of seeing him lose, and he's the one who still likes to show off the fleet of cars, private jets and courtside seats at NBA games bought with the many millions he has already made in the ring.

That persona is gone for this fight, replaced by one of a studious businessman who talks softly and prepares hard for the fight that could define his career. The cars are outside, but he's not flashing wads of cash with onetime BFF 50 Cent or watching a group of women smoke marijuana he claims Because if there's one thing Mayweather likes almost as much as winning, it's a clean ride.

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And the fighters themselves are best viewed as promoters who each realize selling real fights later means hyping a fake one now. Mayweather became boxing’s pay-per-view best-seller after a mid-career conversion from good-guy Pretty Boy Floyd to a loudmouth heel character nicknamed Money Mayweather. The longer the act drags on, the more money it makes.

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Mayweather-Pacquiao shattered records largely because the six-year courtship between the fighters grew each of their audiences.

But where a bitter rivalry between promoters stalled Mayweather-Pacquiao, at least they we both elite pros in the same sport, free to face off after settling contractual details. The logistical obstacles between McGregor and Mayweather tell you the fight can’t happen. Who will win Mayweather v McGregor and what are the odds?

It is hard to see past Floyd Mayweather - even if the people are voting with their wallets and backing Conor McGregor in their millions. Money has never lost a professional fight and with 49 wins he is just one away from setting the record for the longest-ever unbeaten run in history. He will have to hold his own for more than DOUBLE that against Mayweather, with the 12 three-minute rounds making up 36 minutes.

And that is before potentially the greatest fighter of all time tries to land a punch on you. McGregor v Mayweather Tips 121 beast. Mayweather will toy with the inexperienced McGregor and we love Sun Bets' 121 that Money wins it in the fifth. According to CNN Money, CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe says Mayweather should join basketball star Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods as the first athletes to make more than 1 billion after pocketing his earnings from Saturday’s fight.

In his own field, Mayweather has become the richest fighter in the history of boxing. With the win, Mayweather also moved past heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano’s record of His earnings also received a huge cash injection with the winnings from a, bet placed on himself ahead of Saturday’s fight.

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More money is expected to be wagered on the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao showdown than on any other fight ever. Experts expect that between 60 and 80 million worth of bets will be placed on the match in the state of Nevada by the time the fighters touch gloves Saturday night. That's double the amount of money ever been wagered on any previous boxing match, said Jay Rood, the VP of Race and Sports at MGM Grand, where the fight will be held. "The number of wagers we've seen is just unprecedented.

We haven't seen this before on any fight," said Jay Kornega. Dan Bilzerian made a small fortune betting on Floyd Mayweather to win his fight against Conor McGregor.

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If you were one of the poor suckers who bet on Conor McGregor to beat Floyd Mayweather last weekend, congratulations, you got the end result you deserved. All the wish fulfillment in the world was not going to change what we all tuned in to watch an all-time great boxer outclassing a relative amateur in the sport.

But hey, some of you were wise enough to lay down some money on Mayweather! Bilzerian has a ton of capital to fall back on, but investing that much money in a one-off event would have me pulling my hair out at the first sign of trouble. And this isn't even the first time he's considered such a huge wager on a Mayweather fight.

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Most of the betting talk you will hear around this Floyd vs Conor fight will be the moneyline.

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The day the fight became official, the moneyline for the unbeaten Mayweather was while the moneyline on underdog McGregor was + What do those numbers mean for the casual guy looking to make a bet?

The value on Floyd means you only win 1 for every 8 you bet. The people who are betting big on Floyd in Las Vegas and at overseas sportsbooks are those who feel Floyd is a sure thing.

There were reports in Vegas of bettors wagering 80, on Floyd. That’s an easy 10, profit, but two things to consider 1 that’s a lot of money to risk, not every dude has so much money, and 2 what if Conor lands a punch and knocks him out. The hype around the fight between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and UFC star Conor "The Notorious" McGregor on Saturday has been as relentless as Muhammad Ali's jab.

Mayweather, a five-time world champion, was coaxed out of retirement to face McGregor, a mixed martial arts champion has never boxed professionally. In addition to collecting a huge payday, the winner of the bout will receive a "Money Belt" made with alligator leather and encrusted with kilograms of karat gold, 3, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

So far, the fighters have only sparr.

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Mayweather is expected to easily win the fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas against UFC champions McGregor who is taking part in his first ever professional boxing match.

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Bookmaker Paddy Power said on his company's website "We’re spinning the roulette wheel a bit here as getting it wrong would see a serious Mac Attack on my bank balance. "Floyd Mayweather is black and we’re suggesting you should bet on him because we believe that he’s going to win.

We wouldn’t be paying out otherwise." Although the year-old Mayweather acknowledged his skills have declined, he says he has "more than enough" to beat a rookie boxer. 1335 Mayweather vs McGregor Press tour in pictures. There wasn’t as much money for Mayweather to make in MMA as there was in boxing.

Even if there was, preparation time would divert him from his lucrative boxing career. He doesn’t have a long boxing future to protect. Moreover, a UFC fight with McGregor is likely the single enterprise Mayweather could enter into that would make him the most money. The delightful hook of a UFC fight against McGregor for Mayweather is that he can take the biggest money fight without even putting his boxing legacy on the line. He already beat McGregor under the rules that matter to him. The biggest reasons that athletes hang on too long are because of the money that is offered and because they love to compete. Bruce Willis, one of the many celebrities who attended the fight, took his seat shortly before the high-profile match took place.

Dozens of stars sat ringside for the fight, such as LeBron James and Mike Tyson, both pictured as the fight could surpass the m generated by Mayweather's fight with Manny Pacquiao in But the big bets started coming in Thursday on Mayweather and at the William Hill chain of sports books 74 percent of the money on straight bets was on Mayweather.

There were a handful of million-dollar bets on Mayweather, with three coming in just hours before the fight. The biggest reported bet on McGregor is .

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The Notorious" Conor McGregor is nearly here. The time for talk is over almost. McGregor still has some truly ridiculous things to say. Not to take anything away from McGregor, but most feel Mayweather is the smart bet in this fight. He's mastered everything in boxing, even down to making an awesome entrance.

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The money fight’ will most likely to overcome these numbers with revenues expected to reach million and some analysts even said the B word. The fight is also expected to be the most profitable pay-per-view event of all time.

As August 26 has set to break the new total revenue for a boxing match as well as an individual sports event, the participants will get a nice compensation in return. The total prize purse is likely to be worth around million, in line with million total revenues.

Floyd Mayweather is famously known as a gambler. Reports are emerging that Mayweather bets on himself for Saturday’s night. Mayweather odds currently sit at, meaning, if he wins, he’ll add another M to his value. It could be Mayweather’s victory or McGregor’s first.

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There's much more to sports betting than just picking a winner. Undefeated and current UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov is the favorite in the fight, which means you will win less than the amount you wager if you bet on Khabib to win. Conversely, you can win more than your wager by betting on the underdog McGregor. Right now, Khabib is a favorite and McGregor is a + underdog on Bovada. Those lines mean you need to bet to win for a Khabib victory and bet to win for a McGregor victory.

There are plenty of other ways - prop bets - to wager on the fight.

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Of course it depends who you talk to, but as to the winner of the fight, Mayweather is a heavy favourite, the top Bitcoin sportsbooks having him at 14 or 15, which is about in US parlance, or to in decimal currency’.

There has been so much hype, and there is so much money involved, that strange things might happen. Where should I bet on the fight? There are as many reputable Bitcoin sportsbooks as there are secure crypto-currencies, so take your pick and open an account. Again this will vary from completely anonymous to standard verification-type accounts the choice is yours. The best odds Bet McGregor at 51 on BetKing.

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Mayweather-Pacquiao could gross million to million, making it the most lucrative prizefight in history, as well as the largest payday in the history of sport. But, while it doesn't quite attain the last-hurrah mercenary levels of this summer's Rolling Stones tour remember when Sucking in the Seventies was an album title by, and not a review of, Mick Jagger and the lads?, this is a shotgun ring ceremony between two fighters who can at last see the cash-window closing on them.

The undefeated Mayweather, who goes by the nickname "Money," is 38 years old. The Filipino southpaw Pacquiao is 36 years old. The surest bets for a fight that will draw plenty of wagers are 1 a win by decision and 2 the specter of controversy.

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Touted as the "The Money Fight", the fight between these two champs certainly deserves the hype it is getting. Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated five-division boxing champion, versus Conor McGregor, the current UFC Lightweight Champion, whose sudden shift to boxing has taken Mayweather out of retirement. Although there are varying speculations over the fight, with some saying that it is a money-spinning abomination, it is without doubt a match that you should not miss to watch or bet on.

Can Mayweather keep his no-loss record or does McGregor even have the chance?.

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Anyone have money on the MayweatherMcGregor Fight? Followers Anyone have money on the MayweatherMcGregor Fight? By sourc3code, August 26, in Sports Betting. But in their last fight mayweather did not run and came face to face with mcgregor I hope rematch with paquiao will be like that fight no running just face to face fight.

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Everyone from the people who schedule their lives around watching fights every weekend to the most uninitiated pacifist who watches a handful of sports events this year has an interest in this fight, and a strong opinion on what's going to take place.

Mayweather opened as a heavy betting favorite, and rightfully so, since he's a boxer, and the man he's facing in a boxing match doesn't box. But this fight has been a tremendous study in how to market a fightor an example of outrageous luck.

With the public's proven desire to wager money on this event, and the broader audience it's playing to, sportsbooks are offering an abundance of prop bets, much like they do for the Super Bowl. "As far as crossover props, they're just math props.

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This fight could end up setting records for most money wagered on a boxing match, including money flowing in on prop bets, including the macabre. It is easily going to pass the handle for any fight ever booked in the state of Nevada, said Nick Bogdanovich, the director of trading at William Hill.

The liability is equally insane, as tickets are coming in on Conor McGregor at about an eighteen to one clip. The props are all drawing fantastic action with the most popular being will McGregor get disqualified.

A lot of people believe that McGregor will get frustrated and e.

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The Money Fight winner is likely to earn a whopping million. Mayweather earns about million before throwing a single punch - from branding and sponsorship on his shorts robe and caps. The winner will get the Money Belt a glitzy item made of alligator leather and studded with 3 diamonds sapphires emeralds and kg of solid carat gold. If you are betting on when the fight is going to end the odds of McGregor win the fight in the last round are 811.

Most bookies are going with Mayweather taking it in the seventh round at 131. The odds are in favour of a punch being thrown in the first 10 seconds at 1 the odds against a punch being thrown in the first 10 seconds are 1.

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Read our betting preview of the fight between Mayweather and McGregor, with the latest odds and offers scheduled to take place on the of August. While many boxing fans will turn away from this fight, it is expected that many who don’t normally buy PPV will be drawn into the hype. This could be the highest grossing fight of all time. McGregor made in, and has boasted that this fight will quadruple his net worth.

No UFC fight could ever earn him this sum of money given this fight is outside UFC, it poses no issues for his career. However, Mayweather has the problem that as much as he enjoys making money, he also enjoys spending it.

He also has the second problem of outstanding tax payments dating several years back.

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Both fighters have stated their desire for a rematch, with Mayweather scheduling another fight in Japan before the rematch. While the Fight of the Century’ in was panned by critics, we are expecting big things from the sequel.

The best option to get the most out of your Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao free bets is to register for a new account in the run-up to the fight. Welcome bonuses, generally, offer the biggest returns for customers, some even up to 50 in free bets. In the last fight, you could put money on the round of victory, the method of victory KO, technical decisions, points etc.

Round group betting and the total rounds of the fight. Another big option is the actual round betting, such as which fighter is going to take the round.

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One person who definitely doesn’t need more money, but at the same time was obviously going to place some big bets is professional poker player and international playboy Dan Bilzerian. We all knew that he was routing for Mayweather before the fight had begun, so it was inevitable that he was going to be putting big money on him to win. Although we don’t know exactly how much cash Bilzerian put into the bet, he showed off a check on Snapchat from the Aria casino cage for winnings of, What’s even more frustrating is that this amount is probably just pocket change to him some people get all the luck.

For more examples of Bilzerian’s amazing luck, here’s the time he won million by smashing a ridiculous cycling bet.

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I over-bet that fight," said Bill Krackomberger, a well-known professional sports bettor, who ended up getting more than 25, down on Mayweather. "I actually started doubting myself when the line started dropping, not even thinking that it's all these millennials, and all these kids who watch UFC.

Their little 50, and bets cumulatively added up to millions of dollars and forced the sportsbooks to over-move the lines to get the buyback from the sharps. I'm not sure there will ever be another betting opportunity like that again." Bookmakers were so inundated with money on McGregor that they gladly accepted money on Mayweather, anything to help reduce their liability.

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Because money made this fight happen, money has been changing hands in Las Vegas all week, and money is the main objective. It certainly isn’t a title bout. McGregor is a year-old Dublin native who has become the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s most reliable pay-per-view revenue generator since he joined the organization in In addition to holding titles in two divisions simultaneously, McGregor has headlined three of the UFC’s four top-selling pay-per-view broadcasts, peaking at million buys for his win over Nate Diaz last summer.

Mayweather, meanwhile, has featured in three cards that have generated more than 2 million buys.

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The most traditional bet is very straight forward You bet on the winner. You can put money on McGregor or Mayweather to win the fight. As of August 21, the odds favor Mayweather. He sits at while McGregor is at + Because this fight is so big, you can pretty much find ways to bet on just about anything. According to Forbes, there are several non-fight-related things that you can put your money on think President Trump will tweet on the day of the fight? Things of this nature are called Prop Bets Proposition Bets.

A Prop Bet is based on the occurrence or non-occurrence of something happening or not happening that is unrelated to the outcome of the fight.

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Feels like Mayweather is very focused and doesn't see him slipping up to lose the fight. According to 50 Cent, the much anticipated fight won't be much of a fight at all. It's gonna look like it was pumped up for no reason," said He went on to say that he has been thinking about it and "I gotta make a real bet because he's focused right now." And while million is a ton of money to be betting on just one fight, it won't really hurt Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who has a net worth of million.

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Rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather have had their share of differences. There were accusations of money owed and relationships estranged. Literacy test challenges issued. Fiddy even said Mayweather was dragging his feet to fight Manny Pacquiao because he was "scared to death.". But now that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight has been confirmed for May 2, 50 Cent is throwing his support behind his frenemy.

And this is not just chump change. The rapper told Power ’s the Breakfast Club that he’ll probably bet million on Mayweather to take the fight.

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The money wagered on the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout is likely going to make the sports books in Vegas very, very pleased, as even those folks who don’t know the ins and outs of the lines and the odds and such are going to be laying some dough down on the May 2 Super Bowl of boxing.

I checked in with the guys at hauntedreport.com, which since has sought to serve the sports bettor by offering ratings and recommendations based on the evaluations of hundreds of online sportsbooks and betting sites. Speculation suggests Floyd doesn’t like fighting lefties and many believe that is why the fight has never happened. Who will accompany Floyd Mayweather for the ring walk? Which celebrity will be the first to be shown in attendance.

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Make easy money on the Money Fight! The fight of the century is just around the corner and we have picked out our favourite betting offers on the Mayweather v McGregor fight! This page contains all the best bookmaker free bets, enhanced odds and betting offers on the "MayMac" fight. We will update this page periodically, so bookmark it and come back soon!

Mayweather v mcgregor free bets, promotions no deposit bonus.