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Tuesday 6st, July 2:11:10 Am
The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Justin Bieber


Boi1da's Thoughts On BET's Top 10 Rappers Of The Century Drake Higher,Nelly Missing - RealTalk 19. Playing Chrome Dinosaur game, Every like makes it Faster World Record 1 YEAR Danila Fox 11. BET revealed their controversial list of the Top 10 Rappers Of The Century’ a few hours ago on a televised special. Check out the list, as well a video detailing how the panelists made their decisions, below.

BET’s Top 10 Rappers of the Century. The BET Top 10 rappers of the Century list was recently unveiled after serious deliberation by a Hip Hop panel.

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The list was disclosed during an hour-long television special, and featured the hottest rappers of the past decade, from onward. View production, box office, company info. Production Co Black Entertainment Television BET See more. People voting Gucci Mane to the top 15 though, BET's audience is retarded as fk.

8 Rappers that are From the Suburbs comments 24 hours ago hiphop. +71 IG Thot Era is over Instagram has officially Removed the number of Likes comments 2 days ago wild'ish. Tory Lanez chixtape 5 bout to be comments 2 days ago hiphop. Steelers Mason Rudolph Supports Anti-Kaepernick, Trump, Tomi Lahren comments 2 days ago sports. Pureown, Nov 30, mage Grand Master. How to quote from a closedarchived thread!

Here's the complete BET Rappers Top 1 Eminem 2 Lil' Wayne 3 Kanye West 4 50 Cent 5 T.I. 6 Ludacris 7 Drake 8 Young Jeezy 9 Jadakiss 10 Rick Ross. An absolute masterpiece you can hear Kanye evolve from trying to be the good guy rapper who raps on soft soulful beats to accepting the fact that he has become villain everyone hates and begins to rap on more moody beats talking about money and his ego.

People fail to realize the effect this album has has on hip hop culture, and even more so the homage it pays to the MUSIC community through its intricate productionsamples and pop culture references. That was a terrible album, it was pop music. This is the greatest rap album of the century by far.

So it was terrible BECAUSE it was pop music? Yeah, your credibility ends there.

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Yet, the of 11 children from the Jonesboro South projects in Atlanta has become ubiquitous on the Spotify US Top 50, even when he’s not in plain sight. Consider Camilla Cabello, the ex-Fifth Harmony singer her biggest solo record is Havana, her collaboration with Young Thug. Or Drake, the most commercially impactful rapper of the decade, who has repeatedly cribbed Thug’s slippery electric-eel cadences, most notably on last year’s track Mob Ties.

In rap, influence usually begins regionally and expands outward. So, it’s unsurprising that practically every recent Atlanta artist owes p Playboi Carti has become one of the biggest artists of the moment by triangulating Chicago artist Chief Keef with Thug. The episodes were selected by the editors of TV Guide based on their memorability and lasting impact.

In accordance with the selection guidelines, each selection accrues to a single, self-contained episode, considered in isolation, though one exception was made for a pilot episode consisting of two-parts.[1]. Breaking Bad "Ozymandias" Season 5, Episode 14.

Roush, Matt Holbrook, Damian D'Arminio, Aubry Hahn, Kate April 215.

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"The 65 Best Episodes of the Century". "The 65 Best Episodes of the Century Editor's Letter".

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Can you name the BET Top 10 Rappers? Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by Kassie Top 10 list of the best Rappers of the century according to BET.

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This is a list based on those who have blown up on the rap scene since Also try Artist by First 1 Hit. Just as Breaking Bad gave Century audiences a small-screen protagonist who descends ever-deeper into villainy while ascending to greater heights in the criminal underworld, Jacques Audiard’s slow-burning French crime movie follows a similarly Heisenbergian trajectory.

Tahar Rahim’s Malik El-Djebena is the relatively unassuming rookie prisoner who gradually morphs into a crime kingpin before your very eyes a masterful character evolution so imperceptible, you hardly realising it’s happening in the moment. Start by marking Top 10 Rappers Of The Century Raps To Riches Pt 1 as Want to Read Want to Read saving Want to Read. Top 10 Rappers Of The by Stevie Thompson. We give you what the major channel BET said and then along with our thoughts on the final decisions.

So begin the journey to find out who is the 1 rapper. In, he carried Estelle’s American Boy into the top 10 of the Hot, bodied his feature on Young Jeezy’s Put On, and went toe-to-toe with the best rapper alive, Lil Wayne, on Lollipop Remix and yet, his spree of guest spots in is superior.

Sure, we knew 50 was a walking hitas evidenced by his chart-topping singles In Da Club and 21 Questionsbut we didn’t know if his Midas touch extended beyond his work as a solo artist until the summer of, when he resurrected Lil Kim’s dormant career with Magic Stick equipped with a catchy hook courtesy of Fif, the.

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Find out more about the greatest Century Rappers, including Mac Miller, 6ix9ine, Post Malone, XXXTentacion and Travis Scott.

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Lead vocalist of the South Korean musical band, Donald Glover. Trying to determine the best films of the Century can be quite a challenge. After all, everyone has their own tastes and opinions when it comes to movies.

Not to mention, there have been thousands and thousands of movies made since So, in this list, we will just give our opinion on the best movies of the Century. While female-centered roles do exist in Hollywood, not many of them have been as popular as The Help, staring Jessica Chastain and Ahna O’Reilly.

There are several personalities portrayed throughout the movie that many people fell in love with. Some people responded with top fives or Solomonic hairsplitting Wall-E is the best, but Cars is the most fun. Others equivocated and changed their minds. Nearly all of the 14 features released under the Pixar label since garnered passionate defenses. We wanted to convene a social media council of advisers rather than dig for dubious data.

The Pixar movie that belongs in the top tier of this list of classics is Inside Out, by far the most inventive, moving, captivating and philosophically astute cartoon about developmental psychology of the century. The personification of abstract concepts and the visual rendering of human consciousness from the inside are astonishing feats, executed with unparalleled inventiveness. What are your top 10 favorite movies of the Century? What are your top 10 movie quotes from century?

Ishan Bansal, Watched over movies.

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Here are the top 10 bank robbers of the century The Agricultural Bank of China Robbery Million. The largest bank robbery in China’s history occurred in April of when a cash total of what was equivalent to million was embezzled from the Agricultural Bank of China. Later authorities discovered that the same make-up studio had helped disguise members of the gang that robbed the Securitas Depot in on our list at number 5. The thieves left in a BMW vehicle and switched cars twice but stupidly left behind a cell phone in which the police were able to track them down.

Up to 10 different suspects were arrested, but the gems and jewels have never been recovered. Banco Central Burglary 70 million.

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Brazilians dig in to a bank vault. Rappers + Pop Stars Who Respect Rock + Metal. Squiggy's 10 Favorite Gear Factor Moments Episodes Special. After careful consideration, much bickering and no less than three knife fights, we've put together a list of the Top 50 Hard Rock Songs of the Century.

In choosing the 50 tracks, we've taken into account creative influence, originality, radio play, fan reaction, relative importance, pure awesomeness and many other factors. This is the decider for rappers who were the greatest of their time, top 5 greatest of the and 21 century. Its time for you to decide, in your opinion list the top 5 who were the greatest of the and 21 century. Remember choose wisely always think of the artist success, rhyme schemes, wordplay, product, records, albums and other skills the artist produced.

Prediction of your list 90s 1. "Top 5 Greatest Rappers Of The and 21 centur. Century FoxKobalREXShutterstock. Borat Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’. Sure, it sounds like an episode of Drunk History, but writer-director Armando Iannucci manages to craft spit-worthy dialogue while making it very clear that lives are at risk.

Some of the material is innately ridiculous Stalin’s deadbeat son Rupert Friend berating a hockey team, for instance but it’s where the comedy of errors gets brutal that the satire truly earns its bones.

Director Edgar Wright’s breakthrough film takes the piss out of horror movies, zombie flicks and post-apocalyptic dramas and then, because he’s such a clever lad, still delivers a pretty riveting mash-up of those styles on top of it.

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Want to build worlds, become a crime kingpin, get lost in space, or enter the afterlife? Then our countdown of the 50 best games of the era has something for you. Netflix To Add Daily Top 10’ List To Its AppWebsite To Help Suggest Content For Users.

And perhaps Bay-Max’s finest hour, at least in this century and before he entered the indistinguishable pieces of colliding metal’ phase of his career, is Bad Boys II. A thoroughly reprehensible, morally appalling, deeply queasy piece of entertainment, the film values excess to the exclusion of all else, like most of Bay’s work. In his book "Best Jobs for the Century," Laurence Shatkin offers guidance to all career seekers, and lists the most fertile jobs of the future.

Shatkin studied the Bureau of Labor Statistics' projected data for to, and analyzed a job's predicted growth and openings, as well as its expected average annual salary. He crunched the numbers, and these are the top 10 jobs overall for the century Dental Hygienists.

Annual earnings 68, Percent growth. The century has witnessed some amazing medical breakthroughs which were apparently impossible to achieve, few decades ago. Partial face transplant was carried out first in France in whereas the full replacement of person’s face was carried out by 30 surgeons in Spain in 3. Bionic Prosthetics Advertisement. The fast pace at which Biotechnology has been growing in the last decade is nothing but a blessing to the people who have lost use of one or other organ or limb of their body.

Bionic arm, brain port, Bionic vision and Genium prosthetics have allowed people live life normally as nearly as possible. Replacing biological process through engineering system is not impractical, but a reality today.

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This publication is considered a top fantasy book series.

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The first episode is about a fierce fight for the Iron Throne that was started after the death of King Robert. His son Joffrey, who has complete support from his mother’s family, claims to have a full right for the throne. However, Lord Eddard Stark states that Robert’s children have no legal power to inherit the throne. One more item on the list of the best novels of the century that should be analyzed is the book Wolf Totem.

It reveals the peculiarities of the ancient culture of Mongols who are the ancestors of the Mongol horde. This edition provides a description of 10 mind-blowing situations that the author has faced within the last ten years. The presented episodes may change readers’ outlook on life. The 10 Biggest Criminal Cases of the Century.

Sometimes, the details of the crime itself are what make the case notorious. In other instances, it's the fame of the accused. You'll find examples of both in this list of the 10 biggest criminal cases of the century. The former New England Patriots running back was arrested in and charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd, an acquaintance of Hernandez's. Lloyd, who was dating the sister of Hernandez's fiancee, had been found shot to death on June 17, near Hernandez's home in suburban Boston.

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Listen Playing Paused You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. The enduring success of nation in the Century is assured by its inherent ability to capture change. This book must read' for everyone who want to know the possibilities of the future. Well there is going to be a program on tonight on BET called Top 10 rapper of this century who do you like is going to be 1?

If you know me you already know who I want to be 1.

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Spoiler for Hint T-Rock most lyrical rapper ever hands down. Yup must not of heard Lil wayne new album "I'm not a human being" Classic album and his still in a cell. It is a list of of the top-rated books published this century. From hauntedreport.com made by Jessica Cramer. Required scores 1, 8, 13, 19, list stats leaders voteVote print comments. Language of Flowers Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Ask candidates about their favorite analysis or insight and how they are keeping their skills sharp.

Have they gotten a certificate in the advanced track of Stanford’s online Machine Learning course, contributed to open-source projects, or built an online repository of code to share for example, on GitHub? Roumeliotis was clear with us that he doesn’t hire on the basis of statistical or analytical capabilities.

He begins his search for data scientists by asking candidates if they can develop prototypes in a mainstream programming language such as Java. Roumeliotis seeks both a skill set.

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Here is the part of the episode "Toyboys". Feeling like watching something else? Take a look at my instagram and flikr accounts for nature stuff Love in the Century -Toyboys -FULL. 28 "As sex becomes less of a taboo in the new century, relationships get more diverse, but love is still a complicated thing that tests various couples in this drama.

Love in the Century Toyboys Part 1. 21 There's one boy in particular at the school that all the girls fall for. From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.

Hear what people are talking about.

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hauntedreport.com makes heavy use of browser cookies. Please enable cookies in your browser preferences before signing in. Century Schizoid Man King Crimson. Innocents raped with napalm fire. Twenty first century schizoid man! Death seed, blind man's greed.

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Century has been defined by technology. In the year, a lot of countries became paranoid of what was then called the Millennium bug. It was our fear to lose everything technology has given us over the last centuries.

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We entered the century with such maladies as heart and vascular system diseases, environmental diseases, cancer, AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, within 4 or 10 minutes of being drunk. Absorption is slower if there’s food in the stomach.

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Hip Hop of the century has been relatively weak compared to the 80's and 90's. Most of the best selling Hip Hop music artists have sold out to the pop charts. There is only a few skilled rappers amongst the sugar coated wannabes. Eminem- Though starting his career in, most of his work has been in the century. His shocking subjects of murder, drugs, and homophobia has been turned into great success. Kanye West- Starting his musical career as a producer, Kanye West has produced a number of Roc-A-Fella albums.

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In terms of football, the century has been magnificent. The game has continued to grow, and the battle for its top prizes seems to get more and more competitive by the year. Over the last 14 years, we have witnessed Barcelona become arguably the greatest club side ever, Arsenal and Juventus go entire domestic seasons unbeaten, Manchester United dominate much of the English game and Brazil, Italy, Spain and Germany win the World Cup.

During that same time frame there have been some truly astounding players to grace the game. Goalkeepers and defenders like Manuel Neuer, Gianluigi Buffon, Fa.

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But the century has been a particularly fruitful time of fantasy literature, with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series ushering in an era of both publishers willing to take a chance on new fantasy writers and readers opening themselves up to worlds of magic.

Many readers have worked their way back from movies like the Lord of the Rings franchise or TV series like Game of Thrones to their fantasy novel origins, seeking out new authors after devouring J.R.R.

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Ground Glass writes "Most top ten or top lists are pure opinion, and thus a source of great debate as their objectivity is questioned by everyone with a personal favorite. PC games deserve full recognition in this category as well.

The fact that they're not included makes the article meaningless. And does it really make sense to offer a Top of ANYTHING where we're only five years into the centry? The century is less than a decade old and already some pretentious hacks are lame enough to declare the top games. Anything to suck in readership ReHow lame.

By grub writes [didn't preview and didn't add this, sorry] YES I know it's by sales but the century is young.

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Only 10 of those shots found twine. His PER was, and his offensive rating was a The worst offensive rating a team has ever had was an Not only is he the worst Knick of the century, he also arrived on the team as a part of the saddest exodus in Knicks history Patrick Ewing’s departure. Nothing about Knight’s tenure as a Knick was positive.

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This is my first blog and its me giving my opinion on the BET top rappers of the 21 century. This is my first blog and its me giving my opinion on the BET top rappers of the 21 century.

hauntedreport.com Uploaded 9 years ago 9 Views 0 Likes 0 Comments. Oski world blog on BET top ten rappers of 21 century.

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But in the century, it’s learning the tools and the skills of remaking that content and becoming the creator and the producer. We know that the learning outside of school matters tremendously for the learning in school How can we be more active about linking those two together? Diana Roten, Director of the Digital Media and Learning Project. We find when we talk about century skills, people often reduce them to skills for the workplace and skills involving technology.

And we’re really talking about skills for creativity, for civic engagement, for social lifethe full range of exper.

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A list of the top albums of the year from The Guardian Century. Site also contains reviews, ratings more. Packed with unique ideas and brilliantly realised, Miss E So Addictive is further evidence of Elliott's refusal to play male rappers at their own game and her desire to change the rules entirely. It's an album that sets its own agenda and sounds like nothing else in hip-hop an incomparable achievement.

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The 75 Most Influential People of the Century. We set out to find them across every field of endeavor, the people who are bending history right now. It was an impossible task, but together these people are writing the first chapter of the rest of our lives.

Sep 16, TassPhotohauntedreport.com We set out to find them across every field of endeavor, the people who are bending history right now. It was an impossible task, but the result is a determined, defiant, earnest, brilliant, philanthropic, space-going, smoking-hot group, and together they are writing the first chapter of the rest o.

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Roush, Matt Holbrook, Damian D'Arminio, Aubry Hahn, Kate April 215. "The 65 Best Episodes of the Century". "The 65 Best Episodes of the Century Editor's Letter".

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The explosion of technology makes it difficult to identify the best inventions of the century since there are so many worthy candidates. Inventions that have had a significant impact on society and culture as well as those that hold promise for future revolutionary applications are presented in the following list.

The development and proliferation of Blu-ray has helped high definition video displays realize their full potential. 8 Facebook Facebook was not the first social networking website, but its introduction in was the most influential in the development of the medium.

Million users worldwide appreciate its multitude of features and easy accessibility.

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Love In The Century Full Movie. Century Full Film HD, Love in the Century Commitment Part 2, David Tennant - Love in the Century.

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The book begins by surveying the current political and technological predicament. At the close of the twentieth century it appeared that the great ideological battles between fascism, communism and liberalism resulted in the overwhelming victory of liberalism. Democratic politics, human rights and free-market capitalism seemed destined to conquer the entire world.

But as usual, history took an unexpected turn, and after fascism and communism collapsed, now liberalism is in a jam.

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The Greatest Music Videos of the Century Critics' Picks. More than any of us Jewish kids would have ever dared daydream about during Hebrew School the biggest rapper in the world documenting his own adult Bar Mitzvah, replete with the requisite torah reading, hora dancing, and ever so many popped bottles of Manischewitz. Did three-and-a-half minutes of Drake and Lil Wayne going HAM - err, going smoked salmon - on the former's special day do more to get kids to their local congregations on Saturday morning than every rabbinical sermon this century combined?

Impossible to say for sure, but chances are the JTS wouldn't wanna see the box sc.

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Lloris gained wider recognition for his exceptional abilities after moving to the Premier League with Tottenham in In the years since Spurs spent m recruiting him from Lyon, the year-old France international 96 caps and counting has demonstrated to a wider audience that he's as brave as he is understated. He’s also one of the best with the ball at his feet a quality increasingly in demand. Once described by none other than Italian great Gianluca Pagliuca as the world's finest, Cesar took the first-team place of Inter’s Francesco Toldo.

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On Friday, October 15, BET released the Top Rappers of the Century. The process began with an open vote to BET viewers who determined the top Next BET, assembled a panel of hip hop experts that narrowed the list to the top In this video, the panel discusses their voting criteria BET Videos. Top 10 Rappers of the Century.

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After Sapiens looked deep into humankind’s past and Homo Deus considered our existence in a future powered by intelligent design 21 Lessons for the Century stops to focus on the biggest questions of the present moment. What is really happening right now? What are today’s greatest challenges and choices? What should we pay attention to? 21 Lessons builds on the ideas explored in the previous two books to take the pulse of our current global climate. By presenting complex contemporary challenges clearly and accessibly, the book invites the reader to consider values, meaning and personal engagement in world full of noise and uncertainty.

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BET's Top BET revealed their controversial list of the Top 10 Rappers Of The Century’ a few hours ago on a televised special. Check out the list, as well a video detailing how the panelists made their decisions, below.